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14th Annual Bob O'Neal Junior Tournament 

February 14, 2016

Four events available:

    - 18 and Under                         1 - 3pm

    - 15 and Under                         3 - 5pm

    - 13 and Under                         5 - 7pm

    - 10 and Under                         6 - 8pm

Play in one or all events

$15 for the first entry

$10 for each additional entry.  Must meet age requirements



 Winter 2016

*different types of play nights*

League play - Register (i.e. become a member) for the current session (Winter 2016), and then you play on any of three nights (Mon,Tues,Thurs) depending on when scheduled.  Come on any night club is open.  Compete against others who sign up.   Open to MEMBERS or $5 fee/night for NON-MEMBERS

Questions?  Call 217-223-2536 for answers! Or email


Winter Schedule

 Club dates for winter 2016:

League Play Dates:

League play schedule:

January 11 - March 14 (Mon, Tues & Thurs nights)

All dates open from 7 - 9 PM  

*Upcoming tournaments:

       Bob O'Neal Junior tournament

       Quincy Area Champiohships

click on "Tournaments" above for details